A Short Update

Okay, so I started out on this great run with a few nice posts and then life hit me hard. I’ve been incredibly busy between having just bought a new car today (a culmination of 2.5 weeks of research on automobiles, which consumed nearly all my free time). Before that, I was in Chicago for an investing competition, which unfortunately didn’t play out, although I absolutely love the city. It’s being officially added to my list of places to work in the future.

My health/wellness focus has slipped along with the discipline with which I’ve conducted this new blog. I’m still eating better than 95+% of America, but I’ve never been okay with that. I want to turn heads when I walk by. I want people to speak about me with admiration. Or at the very least not believe every story they hear about me. That is the kind of life I’m looking to live.

So to let this slip, for me, is a disaster. To say that I’m disappointed in myself would be an understatement, but fortunately I haven’t gained any weight. I’m looking to still lose another 20, so it’s lost ground in terms of time, but I believe I have it in me. With my new car, I can get away from home, immerse myself in healthy living, and focus on my next few projects. Those won’t be put up on the airwaves, but I’m looking forward to them.

Focus On The War, Not The Battles

Fortunately, health is a war, not an isolated slate of battles. Surrendering to human nature is the only way to truly be defeated. I refuse to be addicted to my food.

Like many people, my two weaknesses are sweets and pizza. Yogurt covered raisins are dangerous, as is being home on a Friday night at my house. Pizza being delivered is a 99% probability and one thing I’ve found- despite my continued education- is that like an alcoholic, I can’t just have one. So instead of moderation- something I despise- I will just refuse to start anything. It’s my best shot.

I have been exploring cooking further as well. All my dishes are vegan, many are curry-based, and my salads are getting much better. I am to the point where I believe I can cook for others, so long as they have an open mind. For example, today I chopped up some zucchini, squash, and carrots, sautéed them in coconut oil and curry (not forgetting the habanero hot sauce of course). Simplicity works best for me at this stage. I made a massive amount of vegan soup the other day and it came out too sweet due to just 1 ingredient- sweet potatoes. For now I’m going to focus on simplicity.

I’ll try to post as things come to me. I have so many thoughts but health isn’t my 100% focus today. I have to take care of my future in a few other areas before devoting my time to further education on wellness. I want this to be a fun blog where I question dogma and post interesting thought processes, rather than treat it as a diary. But I haven’t posted in awhile & I figured I’d write with this style just this once.