Hospital Food: I’m Gonna Be Sick

My father is a surgeon, and despite a meticulous care for his health from an exercise perspective, his diet is pretty erratic. He doesn’t eat breakfast most of the time, except for a large coffee, and the first food to hit his stomach is 7 hours into his day. This “food” is perhaps a nutrigrain bar or a bag of pretzels. It’s hard for me not to think about that and cringe. Sure, a salad is usually in order with dinner, with a beer, but ultimately most of his food is eaten after 6 PM.


The effect on his digestive system, metabolism, and overall health is unfortunate. He’s skinny but it’s due to the lack of food, not the food he does consume. As I’ve come to learn from reading and personal experience, nutrients are far more important than sustenance. Regardless of how much you eat, processed foods simply won’t do the trick. Skinny people feel bloated, tired, lazy, and mentally clouded the same way the obese can.

Hospitals: Auto Repair Shops

Most auto repair shops will fix the damage caused by accidents, faulty manufacturing, and ultimately, the effects of poor driving behavior. However, when was the last time an auto mechanic questioned your abilities behind the wheel?


We can think of bad genetics as faulty manufacturing all we want, but it wasn’t Honda that caused you to fall asleep at the wheel. I’m of the belief that genetic disorders are about as common as poor manufacturing on the most reliable of cars. In this day and age, that would qualify as a Tesla.

This may seem unfair to many. Heart disease, dementia, and even diabetes run in families. You hit a certain age and it’s only a matter of time, or so they say. However, numerous scientists and health professionals outside the traditional realm of modern medicine- and I’m not talking about witch doctors- have concluded that most modern diseases are caused by diet, not genetics.

I had a mental health affliction. The keyword there is had. I became very sick last year because I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was eating worse than anyone I know, not sleeping, and taking on more stress than is bearable by a family of four. It’s no wonder I ended up in the hospital, and yet, doctors were quick to rush to a diagnosis and treatment without questioning my behavior. Just like auto mechanics.

Sure, it is in my family, but “faulty manufacturing” is not the cause. It was my behavior. Modern medicine looks at those with my “disease” and says that it’s quite common for people with my condition to act just as I was. It so happens that living wrecklessly is quite common for people like me, and yet, I’m left wondering if cause and effect are being mistaken for each other.

Food in Hospitals

I visited my dying grandfather in the hospital often enough to see what he was eating. His mind was gone- dimensia and alzheimers- and he was given processed nutrient-dense drinks along with jello and processed meats. The vegetables, if they were there, were cooked enough to have little left in the way of nutrients and the rest of the food was so poor in quality that it was sad for me to watch. And this was at a time when I didn’t think like this about health either.

Not only did my grandfather have his afflictions to deal with, he was being fed rubbish with medication in the hopes that his body would stay afloat. It works splendidly in keeping people alive, but not so much in the quality of life department.


Despite the billions of dollars spent each year in keeping people alive, very little attention is spent on how “cars” end up at the garage every year. Auto mechanics simply couldn’t care less about driving behavior as it isn’t their job. Similarly, doctors aren’t so concerned with the behavior of their patients. Sadly, this leads to a serious deficit in the quality of care we could otherwise expect in America.

Toxic Waste

If you read alzheimers and demensia studies closely, it is often stated that plaque builds up in the brain and nobody knows exactly why. This plaque is said to come from nowhere, as if our bodies have no ways to process foreign toxins that somehow find their way into our brains. I find this logic puzzling, and yet, I do understand. Because it runs in families, it’s hard not to point out faulty manufacturing rather than try to diagnose the underlying cause. And so, we have more money and attention spent on medications (read: auto repairs) rather than on changing behavior. It’s only natural to demand a pill to reverse the years of drinking alcohol or trips to McDonald’s rather than blame yourself.


Dr. Robert Young- author of the pH Miracle- contends that our bodies build up with toxins over time if we eat poorly. It starts in the digestive system, naturally, and spreads everywhere after we’re saturated with toxins. Preservatives in our food, GMO’s, things we shouldn’t be eating to begin with, and outright poisons are to blame. This toxic waste isn’t food but it’s become such a major part of our society that nobody questions it. How could something that has been around since our childhood be causing all these problems? Most people don’t have a long enough time horizon, that’s how. If you don’t get sick within a few hours, it can’t be bad for you, right?


Diet is one of many ways to prevent serious health issues. It just so happens that it looks about as obvious as avoiding cigarettes and is the biggest problem facing our nation today. Other issues that would have made this post on preventative medicine far longer are the discussions on TV & video games, birth control, vaccines, antibiotics, environmental toxins, and dental care, among others. No reason to harp on areas I’m going to cover at some other time.


But hey, maybe this won’t strike anyone else as odd. I just think that our hospitals ought to start asking more questions about why we need them in the first place. And serving actual food to their patients.


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