Green Water


So I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in… what, 2 months or so?

I’ve been healthy. Sure, I get crap about eating like a rabbit and it’s hard to go to a steakhouse to order a salad, but that part of my life is covered. If nothing else, it’s a good conversation starter for a guy. How many do you know that eat like I do and don’t act douchy about it?

I was turned on to a new way of living from my teacher- RJ (as usual)- and it’s been great. Green water.

Green Water

I now carry around a green jug (about a gallon) every day in the hopes of finishing it. It has a number of healthy ingredients, which I’ll cover in a second, but drinking nearly a gallon every day is far harder than carrying it around. I’ll take weird looks, criticism, even mockery, bur the real challenge is drinking one every day.

Okay I’ll shut about how difficult it is to get through that much liquid in 24 hours. Here’s what I put in my water (with reasons below as to why afterwards):

  • 1-2 oz’s Chlorophyll
  • 1-2 oz’s Aloe Vera (liquid not gel)
  • Superfood green powder- pick your poison, but I go for something with a ton of grasses, including wheat grass & barley grass
  • 1-2 oz’s of a mix from Udo’s of 3-6-9 oils
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Mineral salts (2 different additives from the salt lakes)

You’ll forgive me for not getting up and writing the brands down.


Chlorophyll is incredibly important for our blood. With 1 element removed it is the same as hemoglobin and allows our blood to be healthy, which in turn allows our tissues and organs to be healthy. I’m told it’s the most important part of green water. Worth looking up.

Aloe is great for skin. We already know to use it as a lotion, as well as a fail-safe against poison ivy and other skin ailments. I can attest to how much it has improved my skin- I used to hear complaints about the girls I was with about how dry I was (scratchy elbows especially) and it was time to make a change. Aloe is the answer. Drink it and you’ll never need lotion again. I’ll stop there- but seriously, I’m super happy about the changes I’ve noticed.

Green powder superfood is great for meal replacement. I don’t eat nearly as often and feel perfectly content. I’m a big guy- 220 lbs (slightly heavy for a 6’1” male)- but it’s been very much satisfying on that front. Plus it has a lot of important nutrients I may not otherwise get.

The omega oils are great for overall wellness. Omega 3’s are impossible to get from plant-based foods (bioavailability wise) but flax seeds and a few other plants help with that. Fish is great, sure, but if I can drink what I need in the fats category I’ll take it. I also eat avocados, which are a fantastic superfood, but it’s important to ingest additional oils.

Sodium bicarbonate (otherwise known as baking soda) is a naturally-occurring salt in out bodies, but is unfortunately is rarely ingested, so we make it ourselves. I’m just speeding along the process with this additive.

Mineral salts are incredibly important, as our bodies need them for all sorts of functions. Sure, call them electrolytes, but my green water has more than you’ll find in a gatorade. I’m becoming somewhat of an athlete due to this and what else is in my water.

Closing Remarks

Okay so I haven’t posted in forever but I enjoy my health and I’m no longer in a crisis to lose weight. The real question is if I can stick to stringent diet requirements for good health or if I slip a lot to eat terrible. We shall see.

Also, I have found my sexual and mental health has improved dramatically. I won’t delve into either, as they are personal, but eating and drinking this way has helped me immensely. I look forward to the day that it is apparent to people I’m close to. Not from an observer perspective (it’s easy to notice a gallon jug of green water) but from an interactive perspective. I am clearer and healthier than I ever have been.

I’d like to say I’ll post a lot soon but my life is very complicated these days. We shall see.